the shield cider


We applaud a bold choice. In a modern cider industry reliant on factory processing, we use only apples. Through cold-pressing and wild fermentation we brew cider as pure, unadulterated and refreshing as that served in the days of the Viking conquests.

It is delicious. Natural. Packed with nutrients. And, to us, an obvious choice. But if your friends need more convincing, check out some tableside talking points.

Favors the bold


Shield Cider is full of nutrients.

Apples are a super food, and cold-pressed cider offers those health benefits plus many of the benefits of apple cider vinegar (with a much more pleasant taste).


It is rich in vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants that protect the body from various cancers, kidney and gallstones, neurodegenerative disease and more. Think an apple a day is good? A pound of apples per bottle* can only be better.


Shield Cider is lower in calories than beer or wine.

During our wild fermentation process, the apples’ natural sugars transform into alcohol, creating a refreshing drink with low residual sugar content. Because we don’t add cane sugar, honey or other sweeteners, our cider is also lower in calories than many American ciders.


Shield Cider is naturally gluten-free.

Give drinkers with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or those eating paleo a tasteful alternative to gluten-free beers. Shield Cider is made from nothing but apples, which contain no gluten.

Shield Cider has a moderate alcohol content (5%).

Yes. This is a benefit. Less than beer, half that of wine, almost a tenth that of distilled spirits — if you’re looking to moderate alcohol or calorie consumption, Shield Cider is a festive alternative.


On top of that, medical research indicates that drinking alcohol in moderation can be good for your health. Some benefits for those of legal age include reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia and gallstones. ​​


Shield Cider is perfect for pairing or pouring.

While we have been known to enjoy a cider with breakfast, it’s also a fantastic afternoon pick-me-up all by itself. But because of Shield Cider’s flavor profile, a balance of sweetness and acidity, it’s fantastic with food — sweet, savory and spicy. For more about that — how cider’s tannins tame spice or its tartness cuts the fat of creamy dishes — visit Food Pairings.

Shield Cider is delicious at any temperature in any season.

Fresh out of the fridge in the summertime, warmed with spices in the winter, at room temperature or on the rocks, Shield Cider is straight up delicious. And while cider snobs will tell you 55 degrees is the magic temperature, we know better. As Shield Cider warms, you’ll taste a complexity of flavor and aromatics that open up with time and gentle coaxing.


So the next time you realize you’ve forgotten to chill the cider, don’t worry. Pop the bottles open, serve with charcuterie and act like the connoisseur that you are. 

You can drink Shield Cider in any style of glassware (or straight out of the bottle).

Shield Cider’s light carbonation makes it festive, but its low alcohol content gives it everyday accessibility. So read the room. Does your gathering call for wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer mugs, mason jars or — our personal favorites — drinking horns? Shield Cider charms in each. While a flute emphasizes effervescence, a wine glass with a wider bowl allows you to swirl and enjoy the aromatics.


There are people who disagree with us. We believe these are the same people who are trying to sell you extra glasses.


Shield Cider is a great base for cocktails.

Cheaper than champagne, but with similar carbonation and brightness of flavor, Shield Cider is fantastic for cocktails.  See Recipes for ideas or submit your own! 

Shield Cider is a cook’s secret weapon.

Substitute cider for beer or white wine and cut the calories in your cooking or baking. See Recipes for delicious ideas.


Shield Cider is 100% organic.

Shield Cider is made from 100% cold-pressed organic cider apples grown on family farms in Normandy. Because we do not use pesticides, our ciders will never contain the pesticide residue that can be found in conventionally grown, factory ciders. We are proud to support sustainable farming and to protect both land and livelihoods for future generations.