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Here’s where it gets fun. Shield Cider’s balanced sweetness and acidity, low alcohol and light carbonation make it a fantastic match for sweet, savory and spicy dishes. All the flavors and qualities you read about in Cider Tasting Like a Pro have prepared you to naturally, easily pair Shield Cider with your favorite foods — from pizza and curry to crepes and pies.

Unsure what to serve? Try these tips and check out the pairings below.

Begin with dishes and ingredients you’d cook or serve with apples, like creamy cheeses, pork and crepes. These are naturals. For more options, consider the Three C’s of Food Pairings.


Will cider help clean the palate or cut through rich or creamy dishes?


Will cider provide an entirely different sensation to that offered by the food?


Will cider accentuate similar flavors in food, bringing them to the forefront?

Shield Cider
Perfect Pairings


With its fruit-forward brightness, Shield Cider is the perfect foil for delicately smoked meats.


Contrasts with

Prosciutto, salami and fatty and creamy charcuterie such as foie gras, duck liver pâté, terrines and rillettes


Because Normandy and Brittany, the largest cider producing regions in France, produce no wine, it is natural and traditional to pair cider with cheese from these regions.

But don’t limit yourself! Try creamy, gooey cheeses from throughout the world and experiment with hard, sharp cheeses too. Shield Cider can stand up to and brings out qualities in strongly flavored cheeses.

Cuts through

Norman cheeses: Camembert, Livarot, Pont L’Évêque

Creamy cheeses: Brie, St. André, cream cheese and cream-cheese based dips

Contrasts with

Gruyère, sharp cheddar, goat cheeses, blue cheese

Creamy dishes

Whether sweet or savory, cream-based or simply creamy in mouth feel, Shield Cider cleans the palate and cuts right through.

Cuts through

Cream soups: Cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, cream of celery, creamy cauliflower soup, baked potato soup

Creamy pastas: Macaroni and cheese, Alfredo pasta

Creamy egg dishes: Quiche, Eggs Benedict

Cream sauces: Béchamel, Hollandaise


Cider has long been the traditional French pairing for crêpes for good reason — whether creamy or sweet, the cider brings out the best qualities of the finished dish, complementing the lightness of the crêpe with subtle effervescence.

Cuts through

Crêpes with cheese and cream-based fillings, savory and sweet, chocolate or Nutella crêpes


Fruit, especially apple, crêpes

Fish & Seafood

As white wine and seafood are a fine match, so too are seafood and cider.

Cuts through

Salmon, oily fish


Oysters, mussels, light fish

Meat & Poultry

The sweetness and delicate flavor of cider is a classic contrast to pork, venison and poultry.

Cuts through

Hearty, wintry dishes like chicken casseroles or creamy chicken pot pies


Chicken: Roast chicken with crisp, salty skin, chicken Caesar salad

Game: Venison

Pork: Pork roast, tenderloin, pork belly, sausages, chops, ham and bacon

Other Poultry: Turkey, duck, quail, goose


Shield Cider can cut through cheese toppings, complement sweet toppings and contrast earthy toppings — all in one swig! Because it also weighs in at fewer calories than wine or beer, it’s a perfect pizza partner.

Cuts through

Sharp, acidic toppings: Green peppers

Creamy toppings: Mozzarella

Contrasts with

Vegetal, earthy toppings: Mushrooms


Slightly sweet toppings: Italian sausage, sundried tomatoes, pineapple

Spicy Dishes

Shield Cider stands up to spicy curries and chili, helping to cut through the heat. 

Cuts through

Spicy foods: Asian cuisine, Indian cuisine, curry dishes, chili  


Cider works best with those vegetables that share late-in-the-year harvest times.


Roasted vegetables

Contrasts with

Fall and winter vegetables and root vegetables


Because Shield Cider is not aggressively sweet, it successfully cuts through creamy desserts and complements fruity ones.

Cuts through

Cheesecake, cream pastries


Fruit pies, fruit pastries, fruit cobblers, fruit buckles


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*Shield Cider is sold in 33 cl bottles (11.1 fl. oz.)

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