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of vikings

100% organic 

Our land is rich in history… and in apples. We honor both with our fierce commitment to terroir — trusting the unique qualities of our land to flavor our all-natural hard ciders, as they’ve done for thousands of years.


Made from 100% organic Norman apples, wild fermentation and time, our ciders contain no pre-pressed juices, no concentrates, no added sugars, no cultivated yeasts and no forced carbonation – no added ingredients of any kind, with absolutely no exceptions.

Shield Cider is Certified Organic, gluten-free, vegan and guaranteed by the Norman Appellation Label IGP.



We descend from the Vikings. Rollo bore our battle flag. William the Conqueror scattered our seed. Today we dwell among the lush hills and valleys of Normandy, seduced — as they were — by her beauty and fertility.

We honor our region's bold cider tradition. Artisanal craftsmanship is brewed into every bottle by a family-owned, family-operated Norman cidery established in 1943.

We invite you to enjoy crisp, lively Shield Ciders by the bottle or — for historical accuracy — by silver feasting bowl or drinking horn.