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history & tradition

into every bottle.

We protect the apple. 

Shield Cider is made from 100% organic Norman apples — no pre-pressed juices, no concentrates, no added sugars, no cultivated yeasts and no forced carbonation. Nothing else is added. Nothing else is needed.


the original farm to table brew

As long as there have been apples, there has been cider. Shield Cider continues a centuries' old tradition of true farm-to-table drinking with a fierce commitment to preserving the integrity of the land for future generations. 


The Shield Cider Difference

All the bright, crisp flavor, the gorgeous color, and the sparkling effervescence in a bottle of Shield Cider comes from our proprietary blend of organic, pesticide-free apples. With a pound of apples per bottle*, there's no room for candy-sweet flavorings and unpronounceable additives found in factory ciders.